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Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s Akola
Godbole plots dabki road, Akola. Ph. - 0724-2413508
Nur To KG 2
1st to 7th ( Marathi & Semi English )
1st to 10th (English Mediuam)
Instruction for Parents
Parents should read the school diary in details –

The diary must be brought to school every day and followed in details:

Daily lessons, reports and home-work should be taken down in it.  Parents should  regularly see their child’s diary, note, it and sign. The child’s reports.
Respected Parents,
  1. Be firm with your ward.  It makes him feel secure.
  2. Help him not to form bad habits,  for he depends on you to detect him in the early stages. 
  3. Correct him in private and not in public, hell’s appreciate it.
  4. Love him but don’t spoil him, as he knows that him ought not to have all he asks for. 
  5. Have a positive approach. 
  6. Be proud of  but, do not exhibit you child. 
  7. Be an example, the child learns more by observing than by teaching. 
  8. Prepare your child to participate in all the activities undertaken in school. 
  9. Remember, not failure but low aim is crime.
  10. Children should not be absent during exams.
  11. Encourage your child to play out-door games.
  12. Keep the child physically fit and happy for the examinations. 
  13. Medical certificate is a must if the child remains absent during examinations
  14. All complaints regarding school affairs should be addressed to and handed over to the principal through the class teachers.
  15. Parents are allowed to meet the class teachers only Saturday during the compulsory for keeping a regular check on your child’s progress.                                                          
  16. Any change in address or telephone number should be immediately intimated to the school office and the similar changes should be done in the school calendar and ID card.
  17. Parents should see that their children attend school regularly and are ready in time.
  18. Children are expected to come school in full uniform, which is clean and pressed (as prescribed in the calendar) finger nails pared, hair trimmed and well-combed.
  19. No. result will be given until all the dues are paid in full.
  20. No. entry will be given in the exam, until all the dues are paid in full.
  21. Let your child keep six honest serving – men,  They will teach them to know what they don’t know.  Their names are WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, WHY and WHO.
  22. Inculcate the habit of self dependence from childhood.


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