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Nur To KG 2
1st to 7th ( Marathi & Semi English )
1st to 10th (English Mediuam)
Instruction for Students (withdrawal of pupil from students)
Instruction for Students
1          Students should be present before 10 min for prayers.
2          Students should present on ground after first bell, as soon as second bell ring, studentsshould             be in  one line quietly.  After prayers, students should go into the class room quietly, students             should immediately be in the class after completing the recess.
            If students wants to go from one class to other or for PT, or while using the stairs, student should               go in one line and quietly.
About Attendance in School

4          Student will be restricted from school, if he is observed as doing misbehavior or disobedience.

5          If one gets late more than 3 days in a months or if he comes late in school then 3 days in a month             or if he comes late in school then he should get permission from principal to sit into the class.

6          If class class teacher, is absent then class monitor should look after the class.  If after period bells             teachers do not come in the class.  In 5-10 min. then captain should inform in the office so.

7          Students should speaks in polite.

8          Students should come in school in neat and clean uniform

9          Bring books according to the period (use time table)

10        Students should not wander in the premises without permission.  If someone observed wants                   doing so, then he/she will get punished.

11        Come in recess if someone wants to pay fees and not in between from the period.

12        Tiffin should contain whole meal.  Fast foods are allowed only on Saturday.

13        Do homework daily.

14        School assets should be handle as if they are our.  Do not break or make loss of any furnitures,                    computer, fans, etc.

15        Do not write anything on the wall of building or on furniture

16        Do not wear costly ornament and do not bring money in the school.  If one lost them, school will not             be responsible for it.

17        Students should not tear the pages of notebooks.  Help in keeping clean our school premises.

18        If something is found in school premises, submit it into the office.

19        If someone founds fighting, or shouting he will be strictly punished.

20        Student should read newspaper daily so that he/she will be aware of current affairs and also he /             she can gain vocabulary.

21        Students should behave friendly with each other.

22        Students should be obedient He/ She should speak truth student should obey the responsibilities             given by school. 

23        Student should play as a sportsmanship spirit

24        If  student great teachers or parents in school or outside the school politely.

25        If you get any difficulty while studying, tell it without any fear.

26        Students should be pathetic about animals. Do not harm any one.

27        Students should obey the rules of school as soon as he / she enters the school.

28        Student should bring whole meal in tiffin.  It will be good if he/she bring cereals in tiffin on Saturday.

Withdrawal of Pupil from School

29        One month notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a pupil.  Such notice should be given in             writing by person who is responsible for the pupil and not the pupil himself.  Those who leave in             april must pay the fees of may

30        If the name of the pupil who has been absent, has been entered, in the register for the following             month, fees for that month is due, even if the absence continues.
31        No school Leaving Certificate is given until all sums due to the school have been paid in full.
32        Evaluations of the student’s progress would be done throughout the year a proper assessment of             each student in different areas of development followed by a report day would be help, at the end             of each terms.
33        In case you have to meet the class teacher before the mentioned days pre permission from the                    office is necessary.


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